Trinidad’s new Triathlon Executive will continue good work

By Trinidad and Tobago Triathlon Association | 25 Nov, 2013

On Saturday 23rd November 2013, the Trinidad and Tobago Triathlon Federation (TTTF) held its Annual General Meeting at the Hasley Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain. At the meeting, the past Executive Director took the opportunity to present to the membership the successes and challenges of their past two years in office before vacating office.

Elections were then held for a new executive, and several members were nominated to fill various posts. After a round of voting, a new Executive Committee was elected for a two-year term. They are as follows:

President - Karen Araujo
Vice President - Andreas Stuven
Secretary - Keisha Lindsay
Treasurer - Christiane Farah
Assist. Secretary/Treasurer - Sham Seejattan
PRO - Jeremy Francis
Coaches Liaison Officer - Diane Henderson
Trustee - Alistair Beadle
Floor Member - Ian Gooding

TTTF Executive 2013

Picture shows from left to right:
Front: Diane Henderson (Coaches Liaison); Keisha Lindsay (Secretary); Karen Araujo (President); Christiane Farah (Treasurer); Jeremy Francis (PRO)
Back: Andreas Stuven (Vice President); Alistair Beadle (Trustee) Ian Gooding (Floor) Sham Seejattan (Assistant Treasurer/Secretary)