Suriname officials formed by PATCO

By Gustavo Svane | 08 Jun, 2012

For two intense days of work and learning, 26 enthusiastic people participated in the Community Course ITU Technical Officials in Paramaribo, Suriname.

From Friday 1 June to Sunday 3 which held a practice event, participants received initial knowledge of the work of officials in the skills of triathlon, duathlon and aquathlon.

Activities took place at the Oase Paramaribo sports complex. The activities were led by Roberto Menescal as facilitator and coordinated by Gustavo Svane, PATCO continental coordinator.

Participants from Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Peru and Brazil, came from different sports. Some of them had some experience of participating in triathlon, but the rest came from sports like badminton, tennis, cycling, swimming and athletics. Several of them were athletes in their sports.

The first two days were alternated with the theoretical and practical tests for each segment of an event, with exercises that successfully integrated the entire group.

Communication exercises were conducted with event starts practices, awards ceremony rehearsal, practices of each segment, transition set up, where each attendee was able to experience a triathlon work.

On Sunday 3, it was held a duathlon event, from the Oase complex with 50 athletes, with a large number of kids participating under strict control of Paramaribo police.

Since the Surinaamse Triathlon Union is beginning to work intensively on the development of sport in it country, this activity as very important for the growth of ITU triathlon. Caroll Heuvel, president of the STU was very pleased with what has been done, and took the commitment to continue working to include Suriname in the international circuit.

Workshop triathlon sports academy

On Sunday after the competition, the course conductors developed an extra activity on triathlon with students from the Paramaribo Regional Academy of Sport.

This activity was scheduled by the STU as part of the academic training of the academy in the course of study and had an attendance of 30 members.

They conducted a participatory discussion on the generalities of the sport where students had the opportunity to learn and experience the triathlon with examples the development of competition.

After the talk the speakers participated in a lunch with students.

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