Sport Development Courses in Paraguay

By Gustavo Svane | 19 Jul, 2010

From 16 to 18 of July 2010, the CONSUTRI (South American Triathlon Confederation) offered, through an agreement between the Paraguayan Triathlon Federation and the Brazilian Triathlon Federation, two sport development courses: “Triathlon Coach Level I” and “Event Organizer” courses which were conducted in the Paraguayan Olympic Committee in the national capital, Asunción.

Rodrigo Milazzo and Roberto Menescal are international qualified presenters from Brazil and were in charge of the activities during the coaches and organizers courses, respectively during the 3 days. The courses gathered a total of 40+ participants, Paraguayans, Uruguayans and Argentineans among them, composed in their majority of physical education professionals and students.

The president of the Paraguayan Triathlon Federation, Edgar León, was very excited about the event because it was the first time the country received such courses, totally dedicated to triathlon. Also, the president of CONSUTRI, Carlos Fróes, said that the Sport is growing fast in the Americas and this initiative and cooperation effort represents a milestone to further develop triathlon in the South American continent.

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