Spain and Cuba conquered ITU Continental Cup In Guatape

Spain and Cuba conquered ITU Continental Cup In Guatape

By Gustavo Svane on 19/06/11 at 1:35 pm

Men race
Spain with both, José Miguel Pérez y Miguel Ángel Fidalgo, got the gold and silver medal in the Triathlon Continental cup ITU, tournament wrapped into the Central American and Caribean Championship GOBERNACIÓN DE ANTIOQUIA- INDEPORTES ANTIOQUIA that ended this mid-noon in the Guatapé´small town.

Colombian Athlete Carlos Javier Quinchará finished in third place in the Continental Cup But he was the champion of the Central and Caribean event. He has gotten several important results this year in many international championships as the world cup in Monterrey.

The official time of the winner José Miguel Pérez was: 1h56m36s. His partnership from Spain too Miguel Ángel Fidalgo crossed the finish line just two seconds later.
Carlos Quinchará´s official time was: 1h57m38s as Central American winner.

The official time in the elite men category for the ITU Continental cup, Olympic distance is as follows.

1. José Miguel Pérez Spain 1.56.36
2. Miguel Ángel Fidalgo Spain 1.56.38
3. Carlos Javier Quinchará Colombia 1.57.38
4.Uxio Abuin Ares Spain 1.58.20
5.Ongjen Stojanovic Serby 1.58.37
6. Michael González Cuba 1.58.53
7. Ben Collins United States 1.59.43
8. Gonzalo Tellechea Argentina 2.00.11
9.Arturo Garza Mexico 2.00.22
10. Carlos Pérez Venezuela 2.00.53

Women race
Cuba got the gold medal in the elite women category inside the Triathlon Central And Caribean Championship GOBERNACIÓN DE ANTIOQUIA- INDEPORTES ANTIOQUIA, that took place in Guatapé. Maydelin Justo won the race.
She stopped the electronic timer in 2h17m07s.
The second place was to Colombia with Carolina Grimaldo that finished with 2h17m22s
The third place went to Pamela Nascimiento: time: 2h17m46s.

Madelyn Justo, finished swimming in 22 minutes. Bike ended in one hour 13 minutes and 36 seconds. Run in 40 minutes 56 seconds

The official results in the elite women Olympic distance was.

1. Maydelin Justo Cuba 2. 17.06
2.Carolina Grimaldo Colombia 2. 17.22
3. Pamela Oliveira Brazil 2.17.46
4. Diana Vizcarra Ecuador 2.18.02
5.Favia Díaz Chile 2.18.34
6. Yanitza Pérez Cuba 2.19.31
7.Carmenza Morales Colombia 2.20.23
8.Lina Raga Colombia 2.2102
9..Natalia Rodriguez. Colombia 2.22.42
10.Valentina Carvallo Chile 2.24.24

In the central American and Caribean Championship the winners and gold medal were to Colombia with Carlos Javier Quinchara and Cuba with Maydelin Justo.
The second place and silver medal went to Cuba with Michael González and Pamela Oliveira of Brazil.
The third place was to México with Arturo Garza and Cuba with Yanitza Perez.


Elite Women

1. Maidelin Justo Quiala CUB CU 02:17:06
2. Carolina Grimaldo COL CO 02:17:21
3. Pamella Oliveira BRA BR 02:17:46
4. Diana Vizcarra Montes ECU EC 02:18:02
5. Favia Diaz CHI CL 02:18:34
6. Yanitza Perez Carbonel CUB CU 02:19:31
7. Maria Carmenza Morales COL CO 02:20:22
8. Lina Maria Raga COL CO 02:21:01
9. Natalia Rodriguez COL CO 02:22:41
10. Valentina Carvallo CHI CL 02:24:23

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