Pan American silver for Rodrigo Gonzalez (MEX) in Canada

By World Triathlon Admin | 24 Jun, 2007

Rodrigo Gonzalez from Mexico City, the best current Mexican junior triathlete (16-19), won the silver medal in the 2007 Pan American Triathlon Championships that were held this cold morning in Edmonton. Gonzalez will be the leader of the Mexican Team that will go to the 2007 World Triathlon Championships in Hamburg in which will be included the other Mexican athletes that won their ticket today: Abraham Castellanos from the State of Chihuahua (11th place) and Cesar Cardenas from the State of Durango (12th place) in men and Monica Vargas from the State of Morelos (4th place), Ruth Gris from the State of Oaxaca (5th place) and Luisa Valerio from the State of Veracruz (9th place) in women.

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24 Jun, 2007 • event pageall results
Results: Junior Men
1. Andres Cabascango ECU 00:56:49
2. Rodrigo Gonzalez MEX 00:56:49
3. Wesley Matos BRA 00:56:54
4. Andrew Yorke CAN 00:57:21
5. Willy Pickhardt USA 00:57:22
6. Carlos Javier Quinchara Forero COL 00:57:32
7. Luciano Taccone ARG 00:57:41
8. Jason Wilson BAR 00:57:46
9. Zachary Paris USA 00:57:58
10. Scott Dagnall CAN 00:58:05
Results: Junior Women
1. Paula Findlay CAN 01:02:29
2. Alexandra Coates CAN 01:05:04
3. Victoria Perez VEN 01:05:09
4. Monica Gabriela Vargas Sumano MEX 01:05:16
5. Gabriela Bolaños GUA 01:05:31
6. Ruth Cid MEX 01:05:33
7. Rachael Edwards CAN 01:05:37
8. Kathryn Ross USA 01:05:44
9. Maria Luisa Valerio MEX 01:06:08
10. Megan Lapeta USA 01:06:37
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