Mexico dominated the Central American Games triathlon in Mayaguez

By Gustavo Svane | 25 Jul, 2010

Puerto Rico July 24 and 25 - The Mexican team won all the gold medals of triathlon of the XXI Central American and Caribbean Games Mayagüez, Puerto Rico 2010.

Saturday events

In women, Claudia Rivas (MEX) won gold in 2h07m46s; Flora Duffy (BER) was silver in 2h08m46s, and Fiorella D’Croz (COL), bronze in 2h13m18s.
In men, Francisco Serrano (MEX) won the gold medal in 1h56m16s, Crisanto Grajales (MEX) won silver in 1h57m25s and Tyler Butterfield (BER) got the bronze in 1h58m34s.

Women Team:

Gold: Mexico

Silver: Colombia:

Bronze: Puerto Rico

Men Team:

Gold: Mexico

Silver: Costa Rica

Bronze: Guatemala

Relay competition on Sunday

Mixed Teams Relay

Gold: Mexico

Silver: Colombia

Bronze: Costa Rica