Like at home, by Vanessa Fernandes

Like at home, by Vanessa Fernandes

By ITU Admin on 24/05/07 at 12:00 am

This year is being very special for me. After the incredible memories of the recent Lisbon Word Cup, I have the pleasure to come back to Madrid. I feel like at home at Madrid’s Casa de Campo, a sensational ambience with thousand of spectators encouraging all the participants. In addition of an organization that takes care of each single detail that makes you really feel like at home.

An extra incentive for me is that I come to Madrid leading the World Cup and I hope that the Spanish Capital will continue with my good season beginning. It is an event where I always fell well motivated because of the good treatment I receive from the Spanish supporters; in addition there is always a group of Portuguese fans.

I would like to thank the city of Madrid and his long impulse to Triathlon. I hope I can offer a good spectacle and being in the podium with some of my great Spanish triathlete friends.

See you in Madrid to enjoy a great World Cup.


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