ITU Level 1 Club Coaches Course in Kish Island, Iran

ITU Level 1 Club Coaches Course in Kish Island, Iran

By Erin Greene on 22/05/13 at 5:08 pm

More than 30 coaches from Iran took a four-day course consisting of class room and practical sessions. Iran Triathlon Federation carefully selected 34 coaches with diverse sports backgrounds such as swimming, cycling, running, physical education, and sports scientists to join the program. They group proved eager to learn about training theories and coaching skills.

Mr. Ali Sabour, President of Iran Triathlon Federation, attended the sessions to inspire the coaches and instill confidence in the future of triathlon in Iran.

“It was a great opportunity for our coaches to learn triathlon coaching skills and knowledge. Our coaches are really satisfied with the quality of the sessions. I hope to have more sport development projects in the near future,” expressed Ali Sabour. 

The facilitator, Franz Studer, was well versed in the needs of the Middle East. His open minded attitude based on mutual respect made the course more interactive and interesting.

“Iran has a huge potential to develop our sport and we have to help them to build a solid foundation for the development of triathlon. Through this course we tried to start a fire in their passion for triathlon,” Studer said.

Anthony Lozada, who assisted in the facilitating process, expressed how honorable he felt to conduct his first presentation under the guidance of Franz: “My goal was to share my knowledge and experience with these coaches in interactive moods. I hope our team building exercises to enlighten them the value of cooperation as a team.”

Ki, ASTC Sports Development Coordinator, said “We can see the eagerness of participants to learn more about triathlon during the course. Iran has good supporting groups, passionate coaches, and enthusiastic athletes in sports like many countries in the Middle East. Iran will be a good role model for the development of triathlon in the region.” 

The next ASTC-ITU development project on Event Organizers and Technical Officials education will take place in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on the 30th of June.

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