Successful Level 2 Official Seminar in Cancun

By Gustavo Svane | 08 Oct, 2012


Seminar for Technical Officials and Event Organizers ITU Level 2 held in Cancun, Mexico was a huge success for all the participants.

Sixteen officials from Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico and the USA attended this 2-days-course in which they received technical knowledge from experienced ITU facilitators.

The attendees will form part of the PATCO Technical Team of international technical officials.

The activities developed on 4-5 October were led by Enrique Quesada (SPA) and Leslie Buchanan (CAN) and coordinated by Vicky Reyes (GUA).

The seminar is included in the PATCO Strategic Plan which will be enhanced in the region from 2013 on.

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