Greetings 2007 Madrid BG Triathlon World Cup

Greetings 2007 Madrid BG Triathlon World Cup

By ITU Admin on 31/05/07 at 12:00 am

This year Madrid World Cup,  will open the last act of the Olympic Games’ classification, the triathletes knowlers of what is in game, had chosen this city and this competition as one of their biggest worldwide dates, where they can measure to their rivals and get points that mean gold for Beijing.

Without any doubt we can assert that Madrid has become one of the classics on our sport in the international scene; we just have to have a look at the numbers and names of the participants at the start list to confirm that we have one of the best triathletes spectacles all over the world. On this consolidation moment we have to thank the ITU and his president, Les McDonald, his choice for our federation and for this competition. A support we value and that we always thank.

Last year we concluded, wishing that the city could host a Olympic Games, on this occasion we start greeting both citizens and politics, because Madrid is again on the run for the Olympic Games. Madrid 16 is already on the go, headed by the excellent professionals and I dare to say friends of our sport.

One more year had fun with the great spectacle of the Madrid’s Triathlon, not only with the World Cup day but also on Saturday, you should come and have fun with a whole triathlon day at the Casa de Campo, where more than a thousand participants will be there to take part on the different triathlon groups, thought for all ages and sensibilities. That will rise their culminations on the Classificatory of Spanish Championships 2007.

Welcome to Madrid, welcome to the city with Olympic vocation, welcome to the World Cup.

José Hidalgo
Spanish Triathlon Federation president


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