Fast Five with Great Britain’s Jodie Stimpson

Fast Five with Great Britain’s Jodie Stimpson

By Erin Greene on 27/06/13 at 3:50 pm

Jodie Stimpson has had a dynamite breakout year so far this season. A change up in training late last year produced major early results, with third-place finishes in Madrid and Yokohama and a silver at the Mooloolaba World Cup. The top finishes make her third in the rankings with four World Triathlon Series events still to come. Get to know Stimpson off the course with this week’s Fast Five questions.

What is your favourite ITU race?
“That’s gotta be London. It’s a home race. Not so much the race, just because it’s a home race and you get the home support, so it’s gotta be London.”

Best training destination:
Home in Birmingham
Best holiday destination:
Home in Birmingham
Favourite workout music:
Anything by Pink
Favourite post-training snack:
If I want something really unhealthy it’s got to be chocolate
Best coffee:
Skinny cappuccino

What was your first triathlon?
“I was nine. I remember my dad took me and I won my first one, so it was awesome.”

What is your favourite training activity?
“A hard run session. It’s gotta be a run session.”

What is your least favourite training activity?
“A bad swim session is the worst.”

What advice would you give age groupers?
“Concentrate on the little things, as well as swim, bike and run. A lot of time can be made up in transition. The little things like nutrition, not just swim, bike and run.”