Edmonton organisation no match for mother nature

By World Triathlon Admin | 11 Jul, 2004

Although the Edmonton Organising Committee is considered among the best in the World, if not the best, they were no match for what nature threw at them that day in Hawrelak Park. When Libby Burrell, USAT High Performance Director heard that the men’s event had been cancelled she thought to herself, “What a bounce of wosses.” But when she saw the photo of the aftermath of the storm (see photo left, and click for full size), she said out loud, “What a good decision they made.”

As heart-breaking as it was for everyone to make a little history by being the first event to cancel a World Cup, there was no other choice. Fortuneately the storm hit just at the finish of the women’s event, which was very exciting and a battle to the wire between Loretta Harrop and Rina Hill.

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