Bishops leading Scoreboard on Atlantic Primary School Multisport Series in Trinidad

By Trinidad and Tobago Triathlon Association | 01 Jun, 2015

After two events of the Atlantic Primary School Multisport series Bishop Anstey Junior School is leading comfortably with 3195points in front of St Andrews (2695 points) and Dunross (2675 points). While either of St Andrews and Dunross will have to put out an extrodinary result at the Triathlon on July5th they will be in direct contention for second place.

The second event on May 24th, the Atlantic Primary School Duathlon Championships saw a total of over 100 Athletes from as many as 20 schools from all over the country. Overwhelmed by the fast pace of growth the organizers started the first race about 20 minutes late which is as you know unusual much for TTTF-Events.

The Race was integrated in the Sunday morning “Keep Moving” activities on the Diego Martin Highway. Atlantic has taken the lead in grabbing the Titel-Sponsorship while Blue Waters, now the official Provider of Bottled Water has made sure that the children will stay hydrated. Vemco was represented with Gatorade, V8 and YoGo’s.

Racing went off with the Relay to have the age-groups follow right after. St. Andrews Team6 took first Place ahead of their Team3 and Bishop Anstey Junior School Team1

In the 7 and under boys Stuart Bell from Dunross got the better of Adam Wyatt also from Dunross and Aiden Albada from St. Andrews. In the girls Jessica Castagne-Hay from St. Andrews placed first in front of Cara Phillips from Dunross and Sophie Abraham from St.Andrews.

In the 8-9 Years Age-Group James Castagne-H ay from St. Andrews dominated the Boys over Dylan Woodruff and Alec Mendes both from Dunross. Caitlin Bissessar from Bishops managed to get the better of Breanna Ramirez from St. Bernadettes and Samara Mark also from Bishops.

The 10-11 Age-Group saw Matthew Wortman from Dunross put James Callahan from St.Andrews and William Storer from ISPS in their second and third place respectively in the boys while in the girls Amarie Pauls from Bishops beat Vanessa Ramjit from VOS Government School and Kaja Beadle

The 12-13 Age-Group was dominated by Troy Llanos from Dunross who placed Adam Bartholomew and Luke Mohammed both from St. Andrews in second and first, while from the two girls in this Age-Group
Jodi Nieves from St. Bernadettes came out victorious over Danyelle Bennett from ISPS.

In the Secondary Schools Woodbrock was the winner over Northgate Team3 and Team1 in the relay, while the 13 and under saw Tyrese Pierre from Tranquility took victory over Darian Nimblett from Fatima and Kristian Raghunanan from Penal Secondary.

In the 14-15 Age-Group Ayo Gilbert-Semper from QRC got the better of Jean-Marc Granderson also QRC and Logan Raymond from Fatima.In the girls it was Abigail Jones ahead of Noa Scheppard and Sydney Welch.