By Gustavo Svane | 12 Mar, 2016

Mexican Adriana Carreño and David Mendoza took over the CAMTRI Cup in La Paz, Mexico.
Carreno ended in 2h9m16s, followed by her compatriot Vanessa de La Torre and Hilda Choi Yin Yan from Hong Kong.
In men event, Mendoza crossed the finish line after the tip fought throughout the race, and did so in 1h52m7s. Japanese Shiruba Taniguchi was second and Mexican Fabian Villanueva, third.

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12 Mar, 2016 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. David Mendoza MEX 01:52:07
2. Shiruba Taniguchi JPN 01:52:29
3. Fabian Villanueva Moehl MEX 01:53:42
4. Diego Baca MEX 01:54:11
5. Hui Wai Wong HKG 01:54:32
6. Leong Tim Law HKG 01:54:36
7. Felipe Van De Wyngard CHI 01:55:09
8. Luis Octavio Oliveros Gamez MEX 01:55:22
9. Diego Alfredo Perez Flores MEX 01:55:25
10. Miguel Angel Márquez Alemán MEX 01:55:43
Results: Elite Women
1. Adriana Isaura Carreño MEX 02:09:16
2. Vanesa De La Torre MEX 02:09:47
3. Yan Yin Hilda Choi HKG 02:11:35
4. Cecilia Perez MEX 02:21:00
5. Lizeth Rueda Santos MEX 02:26:40
DNF. Andrea Berenice Gutierrez Gonzalez MEX DNF