Level 1 Coaching Course held in Peru

By Erin Greene | 14 Dec, 2012

The Peruvian Olympic Committee (POC) and the Peruvian Triathlon Federation (FePeTri) recently hosted a Level I Coaching Course for 28 aspiring triathlon coaches. Olympic Solidarity (OS), in association with ITU, provided support and assistance for the program with the goal of developing triathlon in Peru.

The participants came from a variety of backgrounds from physical education teachers to athletes to sport enthusiasts. The six-day course, which is part of the sport development program for the Americas, included participation and feedback during practical sessions where attendees were able to develop overall triathlon coaching knowledge.

The course was presented by ITU Facilitators Luc Morin (CAN) and Rodrigo Milazzo (BRA). According to the feedback received from the participants, the seminar was a huge success.

POC president José Quiñones González and FePeTri president Antonio Alarco said that the course was a milestone for triathlon in Peru. They agreed that the course was a wonderful experience and had a positive effect for the development of Peruvian triathlon.

The POC and FePeTri were very pleased with the program attendance, as well as the quality of material presented by the facilitators. The organizations would like to thank OS and ITU for their efforts to provide resources for courses that develop sport and the Olympic ideals throughout the world.

The Level I Coaches Course is part of the ITU Development program and will next head to Bolivia in the month of December for a training camp, which will be another OS project for the Americas.