Harris and Boterenbrood shine in Viña del Mar

By Gustavo Svane | 09 Jan, 2011

Aaron Harris won in Viña del Mar, the first Pan American Cup 2011 of PATCO circuit.

The Brit’s winning time was 1h48m23s.

His compatriot Matthew Sharp finished second, and Australia’s Ryan Bailie completed the podium, taking the bronze.

The first PATCO athlete who crossed the line was Argentinian Luciano Farias who finished in seventh place.

In the women’s race, Dutch Danne Boterenbrood was the first to finish the competition in 2h06m13s.  It was a large margin of victory as she finished 2m40s ahead of Abbie Thorrington from Great Britain, who finished second.  In third was the Argentinean Romina Palacios Balena, the top PATCO competitor in the results.

There was a significant presence of foreign athletes with 16 countries represented.  They put on a good show with the excellent organization of the FECHITRI.

Next weekend the second race of the 2011 PATCO calendar 2011 will be staged in La Paz, Argentina.

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09 Jan, 2011 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Women
1. Danne Boterenbrood NED 02:06:13
2. Abbie Thorrington GBR 02:08:53
3. Romina Palacio Balena ARG 02:09:28
4. Flavia Fernandes BRA 02:10:46
5. Militza Rios PUR 02:13:53
6. Carolina Furriela BRA 02:17:17
7. Favia Diaz CHI 02:18:06
DNF. Rebeca Falconi BRA DNF
DNF. Florencia Giavelli CHI DNF
DNF. Lorena Imaña Diaz PER DNF
Results: Elite Men
1. Aaron Harris GBR 01:47:33
2. Matthew Sharp GBR 01:48:00
3. Ryan Bailie AUS 01:48:13
4. Marc-Yvan De Kaenel SUI 01:48:19
5. Marc Jenkins GBR 01:48:35
6. Harry Wiltshire GBR 01:49:18
7. Luciano Farias ARG 01:49:48
8. Barrett Brandon USA 01:49:52
9. Adam Bowden GBR 01:49:57
10. Luciano Taccone ARG 01:50:19