By Gustavo Svane | 19 Jun, 2016

Mens race
The Colombian Bryan Moya was the winner of the 2016 Ibarra CAMTRI Cup in 1h51m37s.
In second place, finished the local Ramón Matute in 1h54m08s. Third was Juan Jose Andrade in 1h55m34s.

Matute, who heads the CAMTRI ranking, came out the water in first place, after leading throughout the swimming. Behind Matute, came out the water Moya, Andrade, Andres Cabascango (ECU), Juan Rubio and Juan Cano from Colombia, Eduardo Lass (BRA), Eli Hemming (USA), Javier Ubilla (CHI) and Abner Ascui (BOL).
These athletes formed the head pack of the bike stage. But gradually the actions developed with the three winners.

Women race
Elizabeth Bravo of Ecuador, who will be again in an Olympic game, was the winner of the competition, after demonstrating his foot race remains his great strength. Bravo ended in 2h9m11s. The Colombian Sandra Hernandez followed her in 43 seconds and Diana Castillo in 1m34s.

The three winners led the competition from the start. The first out of the water was Castillo, followed by Steffy Salazar (ECU), Bravo and Hernandez.

Then in cycling, Hernandez (who suffered angina), Castillo and Bravo commanded actions.

In the second transition Colombian pointed out, but with a crushing step, Bravo owns the race was done.

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18 - Jun, 2016 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Brian Moya COL 01:51:37
2. Ramón Armando Matute ECU 01:54:08
3. Juan Jose Andrade Figueroa ECU 01:55:34
4. Juan Sebastian Rubio COL 01:55:46
5. Josh Izewski USA 01:57:26
6. Juan José Cano Castillo COL 01:59:07
7. Matheus Diniz BRA 02:00:01
8. Hugo Mario Ruiz Dimate COL 02:01:13
9. Felipe Santiago Ladino Herrera COL 02:03:54
10. Juan Sebastián Mahecha COL 02:04:44
Results: Elite Women
1. Elizabeth Bravo ECU 02:09:11
2. Sandra Hernandez COL 02:09:54
3. Diana Castillo COL 02:10:45
4. Karina Gabriela Navarrete Dueñas ECU 02:14:53
5. Steffy Mishel Salazar Perez ECU 02:17:08
6. Erika Ladino COL 02:26:21
DNF. Luiza Cravo BRA DNF
DNF. Diana Vizcarra Montes ECU DNF
DNF. Michelle Lioy VEN DNF
DNF. Lorena Alexandra Erazo Villareal ECU DNF