Cayman Islands Triathlon Association Picks up Speed

By World Triathlon Admin | 10 Mar, 2004

Cayman Islands Triathlon Association Picks up Speed

One of the Cayman Island’s fastest growing sporting associations in the Cayman
Islands, the Triathlon Association has contracted the placement of a Technical
Director to facilitate in the CITAs goal of taking the sport to the next

After an extensive and comprehensive recruitment process lasting more than   five months, Robert Pozo of Miami Florida has accepted an offer to become the   first Technical Director for the Cayman Islands Triathlon Association. As the   owner/race director of the Toyota Prius Miami Tropical Marathon and a Level   II Certified Expert Coach, Mr. Pozo brings to the Cayman Islands considerable   experience and expertise in race management, athlete development skills, business   development skills and sponsor relationship management. He is one of the inaugural   coaches of USA Triathlon, and has played a role in forming the fledgling sport   into the increasingly popular pastime that it is today.

Mr. Pozo earned his Masters in Accounting Information Systems in 1997 and then   earned a second Masters in Exercise and Sport Sciences at the University of   Miami. Robert has parlayed his business skills and sports interests into a successful   event production company that as the owner of the Miami Marathon has developed   the race into a 10,000 participant event with national network television coverage   in only two years. Mr Pozo still manages the responsibilities of President to   PR Racing, Inc., President and Founder of Swim-Bike-Run Inc. Multisport Production   Company, as well as President of the USAT Florida region board and no less than   ten other committees and races. His vast coaching experience is evident in his   history as head coach of the AARP Tri-Umph Classic, National Duathlon /Triathlon   Camp assistant coach, USAT Juniors Camp assistant coach, the Leukaemia Team   in Training Triathlon coach for Dade/Broward counties and the head coach for   the Joints in Motion (Arthritis Foundation) Marathon.

Blair Brinkley, President of the Cayman Islands Triathlon Association, extends   a warm welcome to Robert. It was a big decision to hire a technical director   for our Association, but the number of people actively involved in the sport   here, the number of events we are hosting and the quality of Cayman representation   at competitions overseas, left the Board with only one choice. Our development   could not be sustained with a strictly voluntary leadership, so the Board of   Directors resolved to recruit an individual with an entrepreneurial spirit that   could help take the sport to the next level. With an immediate focus   on developing the Milo CayKids program and the Butterfield International Triathlon,   the Cayman Islands Triathlon Association is looking to build on the future for   the sport and develop the significant potential of the sport tourism market.

Speaking further on the sport tourism element, Mr Brinkley confirmed, The   demographics of a typical triathlete indicate a high disposable income and an   interest in combining travel with their competition. In light of these demographics,   we see that the Cayman Islands have a very marketable product in the Butterfield   triathlon and up to now the only ingredient missing was the expertise to ensure   a smooth and sustainable growth. With Roberts contacts   and expertise, we see no reason why the Butterfield triathlon could not develop   from a 200 person event into a 750+ person event over the next couple of years.

Mr. Pozo is expected to begin his tenure with the Association at the end of   March, after he returns from competing at Ironman Malaysia.The Cayman Islands   Triathlon Association is the national governing body for multisport in the Cayman   Islands and operates as a not for profit entity. With a limited population of   only 40,000, the triathlon association has more than 250 regular active participants   participating in more than 25 different events annually, including the DHL Duathlon,   the Amstel Light Stroke and Stride series, the Bank of Butterfield Triathlon   and the Milo CayKids Tryathlon program. Its members represent the Cayman   Islands internationally in numerous competitions and has won medals at the past   two Island Games. For more information, to become a member of the association   or to receive the fortnightly e-newsletter, log onto   or email   further information on this press release contact Denise Gower, Tower Marketing, tel: (345) 946 6000.