By Gustavo Svane | 01 May, 2016

The Argentinean Romina Biagioli and Turkish Aurelien Lescure prevailed in the Salinas CAMTRI Cup, Ecuador.
The first to leave swimming was the Chilean Macarena Salazar, who led the whole stage, followed by Lorena Erazo, Biagioli and Elizabeth Bravo.
Biagioli then escaped with Salazar, athree minutes behind Bravo and Erazo.
In the second transition, Biagioli and Salazar joined together, and then the race was one of Argentina.
But Bravo got back approach Salazar, in an impressive run that was the best time of the race.
The podium finally integrated by Biagioli, Salazar and third Ecuadorian Bravo.
Women's race had a special attachment, because the points are very important in the qualifying race for Rio Games.
In men, Renze Postma from Aruba came first water, followed by Matute from Ecuador, Bedirian of Argentina, Andrade of Ecuador, Rubio Moya and Colombia and Turkey Lescure. But back out the American Lutz, Ulloa of Chile, Cabascango of Ecuador and Ubilla of Chile.
The first pack seven athletes managed to open a gap with his pursuers, and took the lead of the competition.
Matute was the first to enter the transition, marking the second best part of cycling.
The run was a dispute between Andrade and Lescure. But it was the Turk who managed to separate the Ecuadorian missing three hundred meters, and also won the test.
Andrade was second and third Colombian Rubio.
It was also a great achievement of the Ecuadorian Federation of Triathlon, which made a great effort to make this competition, despite the tragedy that took place in the country ten days before.
The competition served to prepare the venue and the team that will be in the Salinas ITU World Cup in September.
The next competition will be the World Cup Huatulco, Mexico, and the Continental Cup Ixtapa, Mexico, on May 21.

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01 May, 2016 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Aurélien Lescure FRA 01:50:52
2. Juan Jose Andrade Figueroa ECU 01:51:02
3. Juan Sebastian Rubio COL 01:51:32
4. Ramón Armando Matute ECU 01:52:18
5. Brian Moya COL 01:53:38
6. Martin Bedirian ARG 01:54:21
7. David Guete COL 01:55:58
8. Andres Cabascango ECU 01:57:30
9. Renze Postma ARU 01:58:27
10. Martin Ulloa CHI 01:59:40
Results: Elite Women
1. Romina Biagioli ARG 02:07:25
2. Macarena Salazar CHI 02:10:14
3. Elizabeth Bravo ECU 02:10:29
4. Karina Gabriela Navarrete Dueñas ECU 02:13:05
5. Steffy Mishel Salazar Perez ECU 02:15:06
6. Veronica Diaz Vargas ECU 02:24:32
7. Lorena Alexandra Erazo Villareal ECU 02:25:54