2017 Huatulco CAMTRI Sprint Triathlon American Cup

By Andrea Ortiz | 14 Jun, 2017

The Continental Cup of the International Triathlon Union (ITU) and the Triathlon Confederation of the Americans (CAMTRI) was held on June 10th in Huatulco, Mexico with the participation of 37 elites from 6 countries.

Mexico had absolute control of the podium by taking the six medals that were in dispute.

In the men's division Irving Perez was gold in an exciting sprint final, Eder Mejía silver and David Mendoza bronze. In the women´s side, Adriana Barraza conquered the first place, Vanesa de la Torre second and Carolina Rodríguez third.

The top 10 places of the Continental Cup CAMTRI Huatulco 2017 were:
1.- Irving Pérez MEX  53:48
2.-Eder Mejía MEX 53:49
3.-David Mendoza MEX 53:50
4.-Abraham Rodríguez MEX 54:00
5.-Diego López MEX 54:23
6.-Rodrigo González MEX 54:40
7.-Miguel Márquez MEX 54:51
8.-Edson Gómez MEX 55:04
9.-Iván Castro MEX 55:23
10.-Leonardo Saucedo MEX 55:32

1.-Adriana Barraza MEX 1:02:15
2.-Vanesa de la Torre MEX 1:02:57
3.-Carolina Rodríguez MEX 1:03:41
4.-Andrea Gutiérrez MEX 1:04:12
5.- Adriana Carreño MEX 1:05:27
6.-Brittany Warly USA 1:06:08
7.-Vanesa Angeles MEX 1:07:24
8.-Fernanda Salazar MEX 1:11:52

In addition, the world of triathlon is excited since the International Olympic Committee has recently announced the inclusion of Mixed Reliefs in Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.